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Retail Contract Financing

CAMM Financial offers the most competitive Indirect Retail Dealership Financing, Direct Retail Consumer Loans and Compliant Retail Contract Financing for Dealerships and Consumers throughout the U.S.A.

  • RV Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Horse Trailer Loans
  • Trailer Loans
  • Enclosed Trailer Loans
  • Motorhome Loans
  • Travel Trailer Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Camper Loans
  • Toy Hauler Loans
  • UTV/ Motorcycle Loans
  • Business Use Accepted

Easy, Fast, and Secure ...Retail Consumer Loans

CAMM Financial has many affordable Retail Consumer Financing Programs and Installment Loan Programs with the best Consumer Loan Rates starting at 4.74% and extended Terms up to 240 Months available.

Current Consumer Loan Rates & Terms as of 08/2016
740+ Fico15K-150K5.49%+120-180 Term
740+ Fico5K-14K5.74%+72-84 Term
700+ Fico15K-150K5.74%+120-180 Term
700+ Fico5K-14K6.24%+72-84 Term
660+ Fico15K-50K8.49%+120-180 Term
660+ Fico5K-75K8.99%+72-84 Term
630+ Fico5K-25K10.49%+66-120 Term

*(Rates or Terms may change without Notice)
** Distressed Credit Financing Available! Provide Copies: Driver License Selling Dealer Bill of Sale or Dealer Information (Documents can be Securely Uploaded during our Application Process by Buyer or the selling Dealer) Additional Consumer or Purchasing Information might be required to obtain the best possible Consumer Loan or Retail Financing available. (Certain Restrictions and Terms May Apply-W.A.C.)

Easy, Fast, and Secure ...Retail Consumer Loans

CAMM Financial offers competitive and compliant Nationwide Consumer Loans for Indirect Dealer Financing of Trailer Financing, Horse Trailer Loans, RV Loans, Boat Loans, Motorsports Financing, Travel Trailer Financing, Power Sports Loans, Construction Trailer Loans, Enclosed Trailer Financing, Dump Trailer Loans and Untitled Equipment Financing such as Tractor Loans, Lawn Mower Loans or about any type of equipment with a stamped serial number. Our Retail Dealer Financing and Consumer Loan Programs can be for a Private or Business use, which is a first in the Retail Installment Loan Industry. CAMM's Consumer Loan Programs are very different than the normal banks programs such as US Bank, Bank of the West, Bank of America and Sheffield because our programs are based upon credit score and tailored to an actual specific type of Equipment so you can get low interest rates and extended terms for lower dollar and older units.


Another benefit to our Consumer Financing Programs is that our Financing Programs cover a larger credit window and most good credit Customers qualify for ZERO % down and even an average or credit challenged Customer may qualify for the better Loan Rates and Terms. CAMM is not in the business of just processing your credit application for Banks or by Dealers, but CAMM reviews each and every applicant to ensure that the most relevant credit information is available and the deal structure is maximized to help you qualify for the most desirable and best case scenario Consumer Loan. CAMM Financial looks forward to working with your selling Dealer to exhaust every financing option, which is like having your own personal banker on every deal; and with that kind of service, you will get the best Rates and Terms for your Recreational Consumer Loan.


Please don't hesitate to call one of our Consumer Loan Professionals or complete our secure online Retail Financing Credit Application or even have the selling Dealership submit your Application and Purchase Agreement as CAMM will work with any selling Dealer of your choice to get your Consumer Loan Review started.


Other Financing Options that CAMM Financial Provides:
Unlock Working Capital, from the Equipment that you already own, at affordable Rates and Terms to fulfill your Business Capital needs, which can be used for any Business purpose! See our Sales Lease Back Financing Program.


CAMM Financial offers competitive Business Loans to support your Business with Working Capital or Cash Funds to pay any type of Business Expenses! See our Simple Interest Business Loan Programs.


Do you need Commercial Equipment Financing because you didn't qualify for a Retail Equipment Loan; CAMM has many competitive Commercial Equipment Leases and Equipment Loans that can be delivered right at the selling Vendor of your choice! See our Equipment Leasing and Equipment Loan Programs.


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